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Physical education and team sports allow students to develop personal abilities and learn essential life skills through positive competition. All students have PE classes in Town’s full-sized gym. Upper School facilities include Asphalt Green/Aqua Center, Randall’s Island, and Icahn Stadium.

Team sports

Students have the opportunity to begin competing on interscholastic teams beginning in the Fifth grade. We offer soccer, basketball, baseball and softball in Fifth and Sixth grade. We offer soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, and track and field in Seventh and Eighth grade. There is a no-cut policy which provides the opportunity for all students to participate on a team.

In the Third and Fourth grades, students may participate in the intramural afterschool sports program including soccer in the fall and basketball in the winter.

Physical Education curriculum

Our physical education curriculum is designed so that all students, regardless of athletic ability, have a positive physical education experience in a safe and nurturing environment.


Students are exposed to a variety of locomotor skills and develop fine and gross motor skills. Hand and foot eye coordination is developed through various activities and games. Learning through discovery, creativity, and exploration is emphasized. We reinforce concepts of communication skills, provide social, emotional and physical development through physical activities.

Lower School

In Lower School, we encompass locomotor skills, games that incorporate cooperation in a non-competitive environment, building skills toward team sports, as well as teaching the benefits of cardiovascular and muscular fitness. The emphasis is placed on developing general movement skills, elementary game and sports concepts, and social awareness through group activities. As the program and children progress through the grades, each of these areas becomes more specialized. Developing agility, balance, core strength, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination is a goal of the program while providing opportunities for creative strategy.

Upper School

The physical education program for the Upper School is designed to promote the psychomotor, cognitive and affective development of students through team and individual experiences. Students are exposed to and develop a broad base knowledge in a variety of sports. Fitness and nutrition is stressed throughout each unit. The Upper School has the fortunate opportunity of using outside facilities for many of their physical education classes. Asphalt Green/Aqua Center, Randall’s fields and golf center, Icahn Stadium, and Sportime Tennis are just a few facilities we utilize.


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