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Excellence, by design.

This Long Range Plan for 2020-2025 defines and significantly deepens Town’s commitment to excellence, grounded in our mission and values, all in service of our students.

Moving Forward, Together

We ask that you join us, envisioning our great school becoming even better with:

  • A teaching philosophy all constituents understand, articulate, and experience every day: Town’s educational approach even more clearly defined, practiced, and communicated.
  • Faculty as lifelong learners, continuing to hone their craft through a program of on-site and outside professional development throughout their career.
  • A national reputation as a lab for teacher learning and exceptional professional development.
  • Students who are fully served across the program, reaching their outstanding potential as learners and community members.
  • A clearly-stated and consistently-lived commitment to equity, inclusion, and anti-racism, resulting in strengthened voices, wider perspectives, and empowerment across all constituencies.
  • An expansive and creative reimagining of where, how, and when learning takes place, with a specific emphasis on civic engagement and city-wide partnerships.
  • Strong enrollment reflecting the diverse make-up and locations of our city. 
  • A financially secure foundation to ensure our mission-centered goals come to life, and that current and future students may benefit from the power of a Nursery through Eighth grade, co-educational, student-centered, joyful education. 
Long-Range Planning Steering Committee Members, 2019-2020
2019-20 Town Board of Trustees

Long-Range Planning Steering Committee Members, 2019-2020

  • Yuko Abe, Nursery 4 Co-Head Teacher
  • Douglas Brophy, Head of School, Parent (2025), Committee Chair
  • Jamie Brown, Parent (2022, 2024)
  • Troy Clair, Alumnus (1995)  
  • Johnny Cook, Upper School Science Teacher
  • Peter Evans, Trustee, Parent (2020, 2022)
  • Rene Florville, Trustee, Parent (2024)
  • Freda Gimpel, Chief Financial Officer
  • Chelsea Koenig, Nursery-Kindergarten - Lower School Dance Teacher, Performing Arts Coordinator
  • Emily Kreiner, First Grade Co-Head Teacher, Parent (2026, 2029)
  • Zainab Miller, Parents' Association President (2019-20), Parent (2025)
  • Grant Olds, Director of Technology
  • Steven Rachmuth, Coordinator of After-School Programs, Alumnus (2006)
  • Valerie Russo, Board Chair, Parent (2020, 2022)
  • Janie Vance, Academic Dean, Parent (2022)

2019-20 Town Board of Trustees

  • Douglas Brophy
  • Frank Chan
  • Jieun Choe
  • Ava Collins
  • Leon Dean
  • Peter Evans, Treasurer
  • Rene Florville
  • Heather Greer
  • Marni Gutkin
  • Andrew Hofer
  • Alison Hunter
  • Javaid Khan
  • Karyn Kornfeld, Vice Chair
  • Dana Ladden
  • Phineas Lambert
  • Sally Klingenstein Martell
  • Paula McGlarry, Secretary
  • Lisa Morse
  • Iloire Nye
  • Jamieson Odell
  • Jacqui Pelzer
  • Valerie Russo, Chair
  • Jeffrey Stafford
  • Lizzie Tisch