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Town is at a pivotal moment, enriched with the capacity, resources, self-knowledge, and vision necessary to make our excellent school even better. Our program and faculty are exemplary; our shared values are clear in word and action; our facilities are intentionally designed to support learning; our finances are well-managed and benefit from a healthy endowment; and recently-launched initiatives around professional development and service learning continue to distinguish us. Always being strategic, we are compelled to move forward, by our own commitment to continual reflection and refinement, along with external pressures, including a changing market for independent schools and financial realities for our families.

Town now is well-positioned to build on over a century of success in educating children to become scholars, citizens, and leaders. We have an imperative to empower students with the skills, knowledge, values, and confidence to shape their own future, and to adapt and contribute to an increasingly changing and challenging world. Leveraging the core strengths of our Nursery through Eighth grade, co-educational model, we will continue to design our program around the specific academic and social-emotional needs of children ages three to fourteen, as we move our program forward combining the best educational research and the deep expertise of our committed, accomplished faculty. We will continue to base our educational approach on Town’s mission and core educational values of curiosity, risk-taking, healthy struggle, independence, and collaboration to fulfill our most important goal: provide the challenge and personal support necessary to prepare our students to continue to thrive in a diverse range of excellent high schools, and to fully embrace their own agency as leaders in a rapidly changing world. This Plan is our map for charting this critically important path.