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At Town, we believe that the best school environment for children is a coeducational N-8 model.

We strive for all of our students to reach their potential as students, citizens and leaders, always focusing on Nursery-8th grade development.

A strong sense of self.

Every student in our community has a voice and actively engages in the learning process. We emphasize the importance of active participation, contribution, and leadership as essential elements for true learning and building confidence. We believe that cultivating a strong sense of self at an early age offers profound advantages.

Diverse perspectives.

Children benefit from diverse perspectives, and learning through the lenses of identity, community and equity are essential to our mission. When our students carefully examine their own individuality—who they are, who they’re not—they also explore the wide spectrum of human experiences.

A Collaborative Approach.

Just as we foster academic excellence and social-emotional growth, we prioritize teaching children how to collaborate, work together, and respect each other's ideas. The powerful lessons imparted in a co-ed setting—the ability to work with and learn from one another, the appreciation and value of differences—have a significant impact on student learning, self-esteem, and future achievements.

Ready to lead.

We understand that diverse groups, including diverse gender representation, bring greater innovation when problem-solving. At Town, all students actively participate in class discussions, collaborate comfortably, and develop the confidence to take on leadership roles. When our students graduate, they have experienced a transformative journey of successfully navigating a challenging and rigorous process, preparing them to find the right high school fit.

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