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Financial Aid

We are committed to supporting our families.

Applications are now available for 2023-24! Apply here!

Fill out an application today, or contact us to inquire. If you are relocating and visiting NYC, we will be happy to schedule a tour when you’re in town (all current health and safety guidelines will apply)

Our process is simple and confidential.


Our financial aid application for 2023-24 is now open. Because funds are limited, Town strongly recommends applying for financial aid prior to the first-consideration December 31st deadline. Pending availability, the school may accept financial aid applications after this deadline. Please contact our Director of Finance for more information.

Town's current budget for financial aid is $3,000,000; approximately 19% of current students receive financial assistance. In addition to financial aid grants for tuition, Town's Esther Kramer Fund helps families pay for other costs, such as tutoring and testing, that can be part of the cost of attending Town. Additional support may include reduced fees for events and financial support for students needing counseling.

1. Create your account on the new SSS/TADS portal; click here to get started

  • Since this is a new portal, you will be asked to set up a new account, even if you have applied for aid on the TADS website before. 
  • Be sure to enter Town’s school code 200418 and select The Town School from the drop-down options so we may access your application.
  • Once your account has been created, log in and select “Complete Your PFS” to start your application. 
  • Note there will be a processing fee of $55 with the application. 

2. Gather your supporting materials: tax returns and W-2s.

  • For the 2023-24 application, we will ask for both your 2021 and 2022 tax returns. As our application deadline of December 31st is before you will have your 2022 return prepared, simply complete your application with your 2021 return and then upload your 2022 return when ready.
  • Click here for a preview of the information you will need to apply. 

3. If you are a first-time applicant for financial aid at Town, please also submit a simple family budget worksheet.

  • Click here to automatically download our monthly budget excel worksheet, required for first-time financial aid applicants. (If you don't see the file pop up, check your Downloads folder.)
  • Save a copy of the completed worksheet and upload it along with your other supporting materials.


If you have any questions about eligibility or any aspects of the application, please reach out for a confidential conversation with Kelly Gruen, Director of Finance! Schedule a meeting with Kelly here.

Is my family eligible for financial aid?

Many factors go into determining whether a family demonstrates the need for financial aid. Family income, net worth, assets, debt, and the number of children in tuition-charging schools are some of the variables. Financial need is defined as the difference between the costs of a school and the family’s ability to pay for these expenses. If in doubt about eligibility, please ask us! 

  • Please note: Financial Aid begins at Kindergarten and is not available for Nursery 3 or Nursery 4 students.
  • If families have a child attending another tuition-charging school, they must also apply for aid at that school in order to be eligible for aid at The Town School.
  • All inquiries will be held in confidence.

The following benefits are available for families receiving financial aid.

  • Reduced After School Programs Fees: Postscript and Jr. Postscript are after-school programs offering classes such as woodworking, art, dance, coding, or chess. Clubhouse is an after-school drop-in program open every day until 6:00 p.m. that features supervised play and arts and crafts with two wonderful faculty members.
  • Discounted tickets for the annual Benefit Party.
  • Other forms of support may be available. Please do not ever hesitate to request a confidential conversation with Kelly Gruen, Director of Finance.

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