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Scissor Dancers Visit Town

27 October 2023
Dancers performed in divisional assemblies and visited with 5th Grade students as part of the Social Studies curriculum.

Town students in all three divisions enjoyed a presentation of Danza de las Tijeras (Scissor Dancing) on Friday, October 13.

This dance is a tradition of Perú that dates back to Pre-Hispanic times. The dance was named to UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010. The dance originates from the indigenous communities of highland Perú and is still performed today at festivals in Peru and the United States.

Three dancers presented, and they answered students' questions at the end of the assembly. One student enthusiastically rated the experience as "1,000 out of 10!".

After lunch, dancer Steve Cotaquispe gave a class to Fifth graders, who have just begun their Social Studies unit on Ancient Perú. (This unit explores several Pre-Inca civilizations.) During the presentation with Mr. Cotaquispe, students learned about the spirituality of the dance, the language of Quechua, and the regalia worn by the dancers. Each child was able to hold the "scissors" (which the dancers clink together during the dance), and they were very impressed by the weight of the two metal rods! (They weigh 2 pounds!)