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Tools for learning and expression.

Supporting innovation across our curriculum.

Our Educational Technology program allows students to adapt to new technologies and critically identify their value as tools for learning in order to be a creative producer and conscious consumer of media. A Town student learns and understands the importance of flexibility when using new technologies, responsibility while building an ethical foundation as a digital citizen, and collaboration in order to problem-solve and build upon collective knowledge. In order to discover and embrace these values, students learn that technology enables the user to move beyond the classroom and make connections within the community, across the nation and at a global level. Additionally, students develop the ability to identify and solve problems creatively, acquire technical skills and tools, build an ethical foundation, and discern when to use technology and what tool is best suited for each task.

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Educational Technology is an integrated and interdisciplinary program that seeks to expand and enhance curriculum throughout the School. The program goals tie directly to the School’s mission, philosophy, and culture, and are driven by the Nursery through 8th Grade curriculum. These goals are reached through purposeful planning with teachers as well as formal classes that begin in 3rd Grade.

Technology is utilized to demonstrate student understanding through technology-based presentations and as a tool to support and enhance student learning. Classroom teachers use technology to deliver curriculum via laptops, iPads, and interactive display boards. Student work is shared and documented through the use of iPads, laptops, cameras, online portfolios and even original videos. In the N-K classrooms, technology is used as a tool to support creativity, critical and sequential thinking, and documentation. Students learn that technology can be used to communicate or document an idea, acquire knowledge through online research, and interact with others in their community and around the world. Students in the Lower School expand on this foundation, utilizing technology to enhance their learning, conduct research, collect interviews, and start Town’s 1:1 iPad program in 4th Grade. Students in the Upper School use more advanced programs and devices in order to explore and express ideas in new and creative ways or to enhance learning. Teachers create custom quiz tools that measure student understanding and offer additional learning in areas of struggle. Language students use applications to record themselves and receive feedback from their teachers. Math students study volume by designing and 3D-printing water bottles. Students demonstrate their understanding of Latin by creating their own comic books. The Upper School also uses a learning management system, providing students with a centralized place to view homework and resources, and to submit assignments for prompt feedback. Additional creative tools, such as the 3D printers and laser cutter, are available as needed and the technology team continues to explore and introduce age-appropriate new technology to support classroom work. Student technology clubs beginning in 1st grade, and our new Upper School FIRST Lego League Robotics team, provide opportunties for students to dig deeper into their interest in technology. 

The Educational Technology curriculum is constantly evolving in order to reflect our diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Technology helps to enable interconnectedness and reflection, allowing for a deeper understanding of the school community, including current families, caregivers, alumni/ae, faculty and staff. Technology training is available for new parents, and all parents are invited to Technology Curriculum Coffees each year. Technology also facilitates our ability to move beyond the classroom and school community to engage with communities at the city, national, and global levels.


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